Wake-Ups Sport 100mg Caffeine Tablets - 100 tablets

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Caffeine is regarded by many trainers and sports nutritionists as one of the most effective ergogenic aids available for enhancing human performance. Wake-Ups help athletes overcome physical and mental fatigue. Made in Canada in a GMP-certified facility, each Wake-Ups 100mg caffeine tablet contains about as much caffeine as an 8oz cup of coffee.

  • Promotes alertness and enhances endurance
  • Enhances motor and cognitive performance
  • Prevents drowsiness
  • Used by athletes, students, drivers, and gamers
  • Precise volume of caffeine, lower cost than energy drinks/shots
  • Less irritating to the stomach than coffee
  • Wake-Ups won't stain teeth, no coffee breath
  • Made in Canada
  • Registered Natural Health Product with Health Canada (NPN 00533629)

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