SRC Titan Leather Lifting Straps (Made in Canada)

Style: Olympic Straps
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Olympic Straps: 

Made of a soft milled vegetable tanned leather, these straps are perfect for Olympic lifting and accessory movements where quick release is important, with no break in period. 

Use instruction:

Note that each pair of these straps has a Left and Right arrangement. Put the straps down with the suede side up, and the rivet end pointing away from you. The strap that lays on top of the other denotes the opposite hand: if the left strap lays on top, this is the strap for the right hand and vice versa. Feed your hand through the loop and wrap the strap underneath, over, and towards the center of the barbell. Grab the strap and rotate the bar for tension. Grip and pull!

Deadlift Straps:

Made of a 3mm thick vegetable tanned leather, these straps have been tested with some of Alberta's strongest athletes. After a few sessions of use, these straps will start forming to your unique hand shape, and last for years of hard training to come. Dyed by hand and secured with hammer peened rivets. 

Use instruction:

Feed the end of the strap through the loop with the coloured side facing outwards. Feed the 2nd strap in the opposite direction, so that the straps lay down as a mirror image of each other. Feed your hand into the looped strap with the loose end feeding out in the direction of your thumb. The coloured side of the strap should be facing outwards. Wrap this strap under, over, and towards the center of the barbell, grip, and pull!

Check out our "how it's made" shots to see what goes into the making of these beauties!

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