SRC Titan Leather Lifting Belt (Made in Canada)

Size: Small
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"Made of high-grade, American-tanned Herman Oak saddle leather, these belts are designed with an 80mm/3" effective height, offering strong support for heavy movements such as the Squat and Deadlift.

Dyed by hand in a deep, contrasting red and black colour palette with a pearl suede interior, the SRC TITAN belt will keep you performing under pressure for years to come. Handmade in a single-craftsman workshop in Edmonton, AB.

Use instruction: Place the belt around your waist, at a height to cover your belly button. Feed the tongue through the buckle, then hold the belt behind the tongue down with your left hand while cranking the tongue with your right hand to the appropriate tension.

Maintenance: Make sure to treat the exterior of the belt with leather conditioner or oil 1-2x a year

SIZING premium sizing): Both the tongue and body belts measure 6-8mm in thickness for max stability.

  • Small: 64-94cm
  • Medium: 79-100cm
  • Large: 93-114cm

In order to find which size fits best, use a fabric measuring tape or string at torso/belly button height. Suck your belly in, pinch tape at the measurement. Find your sizing which corresponds best to that measurement.

Check out our "how it's made" shots to see what goes into the making of these beauties!

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