SRC Force Weight Tree/Barbell Holder

** To avoid injury, always have assistance from someone while assembling this product

  • Lay the equipment down on a flat surface- if the surface is not flat and level, this product will not be safe to use or assemble. Finger-tighten all bolts only, until step #5.
  • Lay the two side beams parallel to each other (with barbell posts pointing up). Place the crossbeam between. Insert the bolts/flat washer through the side beam and into the crossbeam. Use lock washer and nut on inside of stand. Finger tighten only.
  • If your product does not include castors move to step #4. If your product includes castors, flip the base upside down and fix castors onto each corner. Place the bolt and lock washer through the top of the stand, through the wheel and fix the nut into place (underneath the wheel). Repeat for all 4 corners and flip the base back over.
  • Erect the upright in the middle of the crossbeam and using the two triangles and 4 hardware sets fix the upright to the base. For best esthetics, keep the bolt/washer orientation consistent.
  • Once all hardware is in place, using a securing tool (ex: wrench) on each side, fully tighten bolts.


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