SRC Force Intensity Half Rack Assembly Instructions:

** To avoid injury, always have assistance from someone while assembling this product

** For safety, it is always recommended to floor mount this unit prior to using

For best result, use lock washer facing inside of rack and large washer outside of rack when assembling.

  • Lay the equipment down on a flat surface- if the surface is not flat and level, this product will not be safe to use.
  • Set the uprights aside. Lay the two side beams on each side of the crossbeam. You will also need the two smaller (5x11”) triangles ready.
  • With assistance, erect the first upright labelled “back,” at the back of the rack where the crossbeam meets the side beam. Using 4 sets of hardware, place a bolt through the large flat washer, the triangle (on the outer side of the rack), the side beam and the crossbeam, with the lock washer and nut on the inside of the rack. Finger tighten only. Continue to place the hardware through the entire triangle, thus holding the upright in place. Finger tighten only. Complete for each side.
  • With assistance, repeat step 3 with the uprights labelled “front” in the centre of the side beam. You will require the 4 larger triangles (10x11”, one on each side of the side beam) and 5 sets of hardware. Complete for each side.
  • Use the remaining hardware to affix the two upper crossbeams between both uprights at the highest possible setting.
  • Once assembled, use a wrench and socket to fully tighten all hardware.
  • Once tightened you can place your J-Cups and pin/pipe safety at desired height.

If you purchased optional storage pins you can use the provided hardware and place them at your desired height on the rear upright. We always recommend you place them at equal heights and one on each side to maintain balance of your rack.

SRC Force Intensity Half Rack Assembly