SRC Force Folding Wall Rack Assembly Instructions:

** To avoid injury, always have assistance from someone while assembling this product

** Do not fasten stringers to metal studs unless wall is reinforced and installed by a licensed contractor.


Stringer Installation:

  • Install stringer brackets (formed U-channel) to stringer wall plate with supplied ½” x 1” long hex bolts and ½” nylock nut (x8 bolts).
  • Find and mark the center of 4 studs on the wall in desired position. Mark the wall at 10 ¼” from the floor and 64 ¼” from the floor on each stud. It is recommended to install into four studs at 16” centers or three studs if you have 24” centers.
  • With assistance, place the stringer on the wall so the bottom of the stringer is at the marked 10 ¼” and 64 ¼” Mark each bolt location in the middle of the milled slots on the stringer at each stud location. There are 8 bolt locations on each stringer.
  • Drill pilot holes into each stud at 16 marked locations using supplied 15/64” drill bit. Install stringers to wall with supplied 3/8” lag bolts, lock washers and flat washers. Make snug but do not over tighten.

SRC Force Folding Wall Rack Assembly

Upright Installation:

  • Attach 3x3 horizontal cross members (20” or 40”) to U-channels on the wall with supplied 5/8 x 5 ½” bolt and ½” nylock nut. Install on first hole location on the cross member, with the welded plates on the upright side positioned vertically. Finger tighten only until step 4.
  • With assistance, install the 3x3 uprights (80” or 90”) with plastic foot pad, to the cross member with supplied 5/8” hardware set (5/8” Bolt and flat washer on the outside and locking washer and nut toward the inside of the rack). Finger tighten only until step 4.

Note: The cross members should sit close to the center of the U-channel brackets on the stringer once mounted. If they are hitting the top or the bottom of the U-channel you will need to re-position the wall stringers.

  • Attach removeable pullup bar with 2x red detent pins at desired height.
  • Ensure all hardware is fully tightened. Uprights should be lifted slightly when folding and unfolding. Use orange detent pins to lock cross members into folded and unfolded position.

SRC Force Folding Wall Rack Assembly