Power Rack (82”) Assembly Instructions:

** To avoid injury, always have assistance from someone while assembling this product

** For safety, it is always recommended to floor mount this unit prior to using

** All hardware: for best esthetic outcome, use lock washer on inside of rack and large washer on outside

  1) Ensure you are working on an even, flat surface. This is essential for safety and outcome

  2) Lay 2x “A” beams flat on the ground, parallel from each other. Ensure you properly place the front towards the outside of the rack, and the back towards the “B” beam. Finger-tighten the “A” beams, to the “B” back beam

  3) Install 8 x plates “C” on the “A” beams, where the uprights will be affixed (curves facing inwards). Finger-tighten only

  4) With the help of another person, erect each upright (smaller holes towards top) with “C” facing front. Finger-tighten bolts, fasten and finger-tighten “B” beam to the top/back of the back uprights, at the highest mount location

  5) Install and finger-tighten pull-up bar with remaining hardware  (“D”)

  6) Once all non-adjustable hardware is in place, using a securing tool (ex: wrench) on each side, fully tighten bolts

  7) Install j-cups at desired height  (“H”)

  8) Use the adjustable hardware to install/reinstall the safety pin bars 

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