Commercial Rack (82” and 92”) Assembly Instructions:

** To avoid injury, always have assistance from someone while assembling this product

** For safety, it is always recommended to floor mount this unit prior to using

  • Lay the equipment down on a flat surface- if the surface is not flat and level, this product will not be safe to use or assemble. Finger-tighten all bolts only, until step #10.
  • Set the 90’’ or 80” uprights (4 pcs) and the 3x3” cross tubes (2pcs 40” long, 1 pc 43” long) aside. Lay the two 61’’ side beams down on the floor with the 43’’ cross bar (with Logo up).
  • Assemble the cross beam to the two base sides using the side with 5 holes. Put bolts in from the outside (Flat washer on outside and lock washer inside).
  • Assemble triangle plates loosely in position (finger-tighten only) with bottom 3 mounting bolts. One plate inside and one outside in each location.
  • With a second person, assemble uprights to triangle plates in 4 locations. Use the two 5/8” mounting holes. The 1” holes will run all the way to the bottom of the post on the FRONT All 4 posts are identical, so orientation is not critical.
  • Assemble 43” cross support on rear posts. Use top mounting holes.
  • Assemble 40” side supports to side posts. Use top mounting holes.
  • Assemble 43” pullup bar to front of rack at desired mounting height.
  • Place safety bar at desired height through 1” holes. Slide pin through hole then slide the pin through the larger tube in between the side post. Place cotter pin on drilled hole to secure in location.
  • Double check and re-tighten all bolts before use.


(Photo below: 92” model for reference)

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