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Commercial Gym Equipment

Transform Your Gym with Commercial Grade Facilities at Affordable Prices! Whether opening a new commercial gym or showing your existing setups some much-needed TLC, finding high-quality fitness equipment that can keep your clients happy for the long haul should be the # item on your agenda. Squat Racks Canada has the equipment you need!

SRC has helped hundreds of commercial gyms throughout Alberta and the rest of Canada by supplying quality, durable, and esthetically pleasing cardio equipment and strength training tools. Get in touch to create your commercial gym with the equipment your members need today!

Quality Gym Equipment for Commercial Settings

Equipping commercial gyms with the right products is no easy task. After all, balancing clients' equipment requirements and the company's needs and finances is a challenge. We pride ourselves on providing top-quality, well-designed, long-lasting products.


Squat Racks Canada has supported the transformations of many commercial gyms, including school gyms, physiotherapy offices, private health clubs, and personal training facilities. We find suitable solutions regardless of spatial limitations or target clientele.


Our experts are perfectly positioned to deliver the best equipment for commercial gyms in Canada. Check out our products online, and you'll see options such as:

- Commercial grade gym equipment that's both practical and durable.

- A wide range of cardio equipment, weight equipment, and gym features.

- Quality fitness equipment that's compact and designed to catch the eye.

- Gym equipment that clients of varying fitness levels can use.

- Products that are easily maintained, even in the post-Covid world.


Whatever you're looking for in terms of commercial gym equipment, you will find it in SRC. Better still, our build-a-bundle solutions enable you to have things the way you want them. For convenient and cost-effective gym updates, you needn't look any further.

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Powerlift Your Business to Increased Profits

Before investing in new equipment for commercial gyms in Canada, you need to know that it is the right decision for your business. Logistically and financially.


Squat Racks Canada stocks a wide selection of gym equipment and can deliver both standard and customized solutions in super quick times. However, our tools don't simply feed your ego. They can be the catalyst for enhancing your business.


Our compact, cost-effective, and modern fitness equipment can support your company in many ways. Some examples are:

- Impressive equipment can attract more clients.

- Modern fitness tools may enable you to charge more.

- Compact equipment facilities allow you to do more with the commercial space.

- The durable products last, resulting in long-term savings.

- Quality facilities can reduce the risk of client injuries.


New equipment can begin to pay for itself immediately, while our quick deliveries allow you to complete your transformation sooner. At any stage of the process, get in touch with our experts today.

Commercial Gym Equipment Tailored to Your Needs

When updating your gym, ensuring that every decision aligns with your requirements is vital. Whether building a bundle or buying single items, we serve your best interests.


You may find that not all your weight machines or cardio equipment need replacing or upgrading. Likewise, you may have discovered that your clients are more interested in some equipment types over others. We can help you find a customized plan for optimal results.


Our extensive range of commercial grade equipment covers every type of product you could need, such as:

- Half racks.

- Squat stands. 

- Power racks.

- Wall-mounted racks.

- Gym rigs.


As well as an extensive list of standard products, we offer bespoke fitness equipment at reasonable prices and additional equipment like barbells, kettlebells, flooring, weight plates, dumbbells, belts, straps, and storage. Everything you need can be found with SRC.

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A Commercial Gym Outfitter You Can Trust

Here at Squat Racks Canada, we don't only understand gym equipment. We equally pride ourselves on understanding gym owners' and other commercial clients' unique needs!


Whether replacing a few outdated fitness items or completing an entire commercial gym outfitting, you can trust our team of highly experienced professionals to deliver a comprehensive strategy that brings your vision to life in a practical and budget-friendly way. 


There are many reasons to choose SRC as your commercial gym equipment supplier, including but not limited to:

- We work exclusively with commercial-grade fitness equipment.

- Our team works tirelessly to unlock the potential of your commercial spaces.

- We offer fully customizable options and rigs, and more.

- Our products combine esthetic appeal with functional practicality.


Having supported commercial gyms like yours for over a decade, we boast a solid track record of delivering world-class services underpinned by transparent communication. But don't take our word for it - check out what our customers have to say!

Start Your Commercial Gym Transformation Today

Whether you know strictly what's required to lift your commercial gym to the next level or need a little help selecting the right equipment for your needs, the SRC team is here to help.

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