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Iron Plates

One of the most basic options for weight plates is cast iron plates. Iron is typical for weight plates, but it can be made with other materials, such as steel. Iron plates are the least expensive option if you're looking for traditional weight plates. Bare iron is an option, but it can produce a lot of noise and rust over time. So iron weight plates are usually coated to provide them with extra protection.

Rubber-Coated Iron Plates

Iron plates are typically coated with either rubber or urethane. Rubber is durable, making it a good choice, but it quickly shows scratches and blemishes. However, although rubber coated iron weight plates won't look new, they will last long.

One negative side of rubber-coated plates is that they can smell, particularly if you buy cheaper ones. But rubber is generally inexpensive, so even spending a bit more won't break the bank.

Urethane-Coated Plates

Iron plates coated with urethane are durable and don't scratch like rubber. They're also missing the smell of rubber, which is another plus. They are also often thinner, which means they take up less space.

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Competition Steel Plates

Competition and calibrated plates can also be steel plates. Cast iron calibrated plates are made with a mould, whereas steel plates are made with a lathe. They are cut to accuracy and don't require additional materials to be added to make them the correct weight. They are finished with a coating of zinc or nickel to protect them against the elements and prevent rust.

Steel competition plates are designed for accuracy so that competitors know exactly what they're lifting. But they can also be a good choice at home if you're serious about lifting or in your commercial gym to provide something special for members.

Before buying weight plates, ensure you're familiar with the different options. Different types of weight plates are suitable for varying needs, environments, and goals, as well as budgets. Please take a look at our weight plates to discover the options that are available to you.

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