SRC Force Squat Stand - With Pull Up Bar (82")

Color: Black
Pull-up Bar: Knurled
Storage Pins: No Storage
Sale price$1,005.00


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Timothy P.
Canada Canada

Excellent Product

This squat rack does everything I need and probably more. It is well built and easy to assemble. There are no issues with the design or the ability to use it right away. It is a better product by far than all others I looked at. I would recommend this product anytime and anywhere. Regards Tim P.

Dillon W.
Canada Canada

Buy it

Was amazed by the quality of this rack ! . Super heavy duty construction , thiccc steel and the welds look excellent. Was blown away by it and it looks beautiful all put together . Assembly was easy and it it went together with no issues at all , every bolt hole lined up perfect and no play anywhere. And it came with a sick sticker! . The plates are the best looking ones I've seen and the hand holds feel great . I got the 82" rack and it fits in my basement perfectly . Definitely 100% recommend this product . I've compared this to a rouge and this is just as good but better because its alot cheaper in price and the quality is the same if not better . Recommended it to my competitive lifting buddys and they love it too and they use eleiko .. if src made a bench that was good for incline , decline and flat with leg hold attachment i wouldn't buy anything else.

Danilo M.
Canada Canada

SRC vs. Rogue

Great dealing with the folks of SRC. I was looking to get a Rack from Rogue initially, but decided I wanted to spend my money In Canada. Even though the price was slightly more expensive, approx. $100, the quality of the rack is on par with Rogue. The company went even as far as shipping me floor brackets, which weren't even on the website yet, for cheaper than a similar Rogue product. I have have 2 minor issues with the rack. The first being the attachment of the pull up bar to the 3x3 posts. While tightening the bolts at the top, I noticed that the metal of the 3x3 posts started to bend inwards. Mind you, I think I overtightened it, and a similar thing happened to the Rogue rack a friend of mine owned. Maybe positioning the pull-up bar a spot lower would keep this from happening. The second issue is not REALLY an issue, but a suggestion. Namely, numbering the hole spaces of the rack. I love the fact that they have West Side spacing, and that some holes have a vertical notch to get a rough location of the hole. I think with time, I would get used to it, but numbering the holes would make this rack that much better. All in all, this is a great rack for the money. Super solid, clean welds, not crooked or misaligned. Also, no cheap "Made in China" steel or parts. Ordering was easy and fast. Contacting them after the order was also easy. If you like Rogue and their reputation for quality, you cant go wrong by purchasing from SRC. I would definitely recommend buying from them.

Nancy K.
Canada Canada


for the price, should have received the weight plates with the stand - shame everything has to be separate for the price paid.