SRC Force Premium Sandwich J Cups

Mag Pin: Sandwich J Cups Only
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SRC Force Premium Sandwich J Cups. Sturdy, reliable, gorgeous and of course, Made in Canada! The design team elevated this one with a sleek, seamless design which doesn't compromise any strength.

  • Protect your barbell with 8" of height 
  • 1" UMHW protective core lining throughout 
  • Sleek, seamless design 
  • Fits 3x3" rack, 5/8" pin 
  • 8" Height
  • 5" Initial Depth, 5" Total Depth 
  • Sold in pairs 
  • Optional: Add magnetic pin to align and secure your j-cups
  • Mag Pins: Canadian made from 300-series stainless steel, 2.75" length, 1.5" diameter head with grip groove, 5/8" diameter pin, 3x neodymium magnets for maximum hold, sold in pairs


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    Made in Canada 🍁

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