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Strength Training: Tips for Beginners to Begin Building Muscle

Posted on February 22 2021

So, you want to start weight training to either build muscle or have a fit and toned body? If so, you must know that weight training must be usually done under the supervision of a professional trainer.

But you can certainly also get a good strength training session with at-home gym equipment in Canada. As a beginner, you might feel quite intimidating to start weight training on your own. But with the following strength training beginner’s tips, you will be able to begin your fitness journey efficiently.

What is strength training?

To explain in brief, strength training is a set of exercises that use weights and resistance bands to build muscle giving you a toned and fit body. This type of training is also known to enhance your metabolism allowing you to burn more calories.

Strength training is also known to build your bone health, cardio health, and mental health. This will also help you improve your athletic performance decreasing the chances of injury. This type of training can be done by men and women at any fitness level. Whether you are a beginner or fitness enthusiast, strength training is for you!

What type of gym equipment is needed?

Usually, you won’t need heavy gym equipment to perform strength training. You can use your own body as a weight to do exercises such as push ups, pullups, planks, and more. As a beginner, you can certainly start with these exercises.

You can further expand your strength training session by including a few pieces of equipment such as dumbbells, weight plates, and barbells. You can also enhance your strength training workout by adding squat stands, and benches, power racks, and more.

How to begin a strength training workout?

As a beginner, you must follow a few steps to carry out your strength training efficiently.

  • Don’t forget to warm up. This will stretch your muscles and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Always start your strength training workout with lighter weights. Get the hang of the exercises to perform better in the future.
  • If you find the lighter weights are not challenging enough, move to slightly heavier weights. Always follow a gradual increase approach while moving to heavier weights.
  • Don’t forget to rest between your sets. Take at least 60 secs between sets for your body to recuperate.
  • Don’t do a strength training workout for more than 45 minutes. If you increase the duration, it will lead to fatigue or injury.
  • Always stretch your body after your strength training session. This will increase the blood flow and flexibility.
  • Always make sure to rest for a day or two between your workout sessions. Your body will need the time to recuperate and repair any damage caused during the workout.


The strength training exercise is beneficial if you want to have a fit body and mind. No matter your fitness level, you can begin your strength training at any time you are ready.

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