Strength training is considered one of the best ways to get some physical exercises for your body. Whether you want to lose weight or just tone your body and muscles, strength training is the perfect way to begin.
If you think that strength training requires a lot of special equipment, then you are mistaken! Strength training requires minimal workout equipment. If you don’t want to buy specialized equipment, you can use your body weight for strength training.
But if you intend to buy strength training equipment, you can start with barbells and weight plates. Now, when you go on the market you will find different types of barbells which might be confusing and deter you from buying barbells.
But don’t worry! We have created this simple guide where we explain three types of barbells that you can choose from. So, let’s get started!
  • Power Lifting Bars
These are stiff and rigid bars that can be used for power-packed strength training exercises such as bench press, squats, and deadlifts.
These are different from Olympic barbells because the knurling on these barbells allows a narrower grip giving you a way to get more secure squats. Also, as compared to Olympic barbells, these barbells do not reform under load. So, if you are training for Olympic lifting, stay away from powerlifting bars.
Power lifting bars have the benefit of providing the lifter a chance to secure a strong position before the complete weight comes on.
  • Olympic Weight Lifting Bars
If you have ever seen weight lifting during the Olympic games, you would have seen a motion consisting of three steps: snatch, clean, and jerk. This allows a lifter to lift the weight with efficiency.
You can use Olympic barbells for your daily strength training exercise too. This barbell is smaller in diameter compared to power lifting bars. This allows for a stronger grip that makes it a bit easier to handle the barbell during exercise.
If you are just starting in strength training, using Olympic barbells for stronger grip will be a great choice giving you a safe way to exercise. Although, make sure to start with lower weights and then increase the amount.
  • Multipurpose, Training, and Hybrid Barbells
Hybrid barbells are multipurpose and are meant for strength training in gyms or at home. These are a combination of power lifting and Olympic barbells.
This makes them a great choice for beginners and intermediate weight lifters. So, if you want to buy strength training equipment for your at-home gym, you might want to consider hybrid barbells.
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