In our previous blog, we discussed why it is important to eat something before your strength training workout, especially when you are trying to bulk up. Also, we discussed a few of the meal options that you can choose before your strength training workout.

But let’s move on to the other end of this conversation which is using strength training to lose weight. Now, the most common misconception about losing weight is that you need to cut down your calorie intake drastically.

When you pick up those dumbbells for your strength training exercise, you will lose weight? Science says otherwise!

Scientific research states that when you cut back on calories and try to lose weight, you are actually burning less calories. Your overall metabolism rate is dropping down!

You might see an initial drop in your weight but that is not sustainable long-term. If you want to lose weight, the best way is to cut slowly, not drastically.

Yes, we know some of you who have been doing strength training exercises might disagree but hear us out!

When we say eat more calories, we don’t mean you stuff yourself with more carbohydrates. Instead, we are suggesting you eat a more balanced diet that is focused on high fibre, proteins, and healthy fats. Also, make sure to drink water regularly along with doing strength equipment training and cardio exercise.

Losing weight is more than just burning calories. It is affected by numerous factors such as genetics, sleep, stress, diet, hormones, and physical activity. Consuming less calories might result in initial weight loss, but it can trigger the following mechanisms in your body:

  • Starvation mode

Consistently eating less calories can send your body in starvation mode. This means your body will not burn any more calories, instead, it will start accumulating calories from the food you eat.

You will also feel more hungry and be more tired. You will eat food higher in carbohydrates and unhealthy fats resulting in weight gain instead of loss. 

  • Decrease in muscle mass

If you are consistently eating less calories and not doing any type of strength training exercises, you will likely lose muscle mass.

Usually, when you eat an appropriately balanced diet and do strength training, your body loses fat and builds muscle mass. But when you are not ingesting enough calories or your food intake doesn’t have enough protein, you will start losing muscle mass.

As you can see, whether you want to bulk up or lose weight, eating less calories is not always the answer. Give up your crazy diet fads, and instead, start eating a balanced diet to lose weight sustainably.

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