Want to have stronger overall health as you grow? Strength training is the answer! 

Let us help you begin working towards building and enhancing your optimal health by regular strength training. You will be glad to know that you can do strength training at your home using the finest home gym equipment. 

But before you start your strength training routine, there are a few things you must know.

Your strength training options

  • You can opt for lightweight resistance bands which stretch and provide resistance to your body while exercising
  • You can use your body weight as resistance and do exercises such as pushups, planks, pull-ups, and squats
  • You can buy weight machines for your at-home gym which will give you an intense strength training workout
  • Lastly, you can buy free weights such as barbells or dumbbells for your strength training workouts

How to get started

  • Ensure you do your research or have someone, such as a trainer, support you while you learn new techniques 
  • Always warm-up before your strength training routine as it will reduce the chances of injury
  • Use weights that give you a good burn in 12-15 repetitions and increase weights gradually if you want a challenge
  • Always remember to breathe and keep your form while strength training
  • Get at least two to three sessions in a week. Make sure to work for 20-30 minutes each session

To get started, you can visit our online store, Squat Racks Canada, to buy the finest and highest quality of strength training equipment for your at-home gym. 

We are a 100% Canadian owned and operated company that manufactures outstanding quality at home and commercial gym equipment for efficient weight training sessions. 

Our founders have always been passionate about strength training and how it can be beneficial for the overall health of a human being. They recognized the lack of strength equipment that is sturdy, long-lasting, and looks aesthetic; therefore, we at Squat Racks Canada came into existence where we manufacture gym equipment that will make strength training fun and effective. With our range of equipment, you will be able to reach your health goals efficiently. 

We have a long-term mission and vision of providing the strongest yet most aesthetic gym equipment in Canada. Therefore, we use the highest grade of steel that is sourced from Canada to manufacture quality strength equipment for our customers. 

With us, you can find squat racks and stands, barbells, dumbbells, weights, and accessories such as mats, spotter arms, attachments, and more. We have got everything that will get you started on your strength training journey efficiently. 

Apart from giving individual exercise equipment, you can also find gym equipment bundles that make it easier for you to buy the essentials. We offer our complete range of Canadian-made strength equipment. 

So, don’t hesitate to begin your strength training journey. Visit our store and place your first order for quality strength training equipment now. 

Contact our dedicated team for any further questions!

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