Are you in the market for buying a squat stand? Oh, but wait! You also have squat racks and power racks too. How do you know which is the best option for you? Whether you are a beginner or pro weightlifter, you need to make the right decision that will enhance your workout.

Here’s a small guide detailing the advantages and disadvantages of these three types of workout equipment. This will equip you with the information you need to make an informed purchase.

  • Squat Stands

This is the basic gym equipment you can get for strength training. A squat stand will have durable bras with holes at few inches allowing you to lock brackets that will hold your barbell.

If you see the advantages of squat stands, it includes its price, space-saving feature, and great for fundamental exercise. A squat stand is a great choice if you are building an at-home gym. It will save a lot of space in your home gym giving you a quick way to do some fundamental exercises.

However, the drawback is the weight limitation and requirement of a spotter.

  • Squat Racks

Squat Racks is slightly different from the squat stand as it has a wider base. It is also customizable allowing you to upgrade your rack accessories.

The advantages of squat racks are extended options for exercises, budget-friendliness along with requiring extra support. If you are someone who loves doing Olympic weightlifting, squat racks must be your first choice.

But the disadvantages are the same as squat stands, weight limitation, and requirement of a spotter.

  • Power Racks

Also known as full racks or squat cages, power racks have a set of multiple bars surround the athlete. With power racks, you can achieve your personal best.

The advantage of using power racks is that it is the safest option as compared to squat stands and squat racks. Moreover, the weight limitation also plays an advantage because the weight limit is beyond what most athletes can lift.

The major drawbacks are that power racks require more space, so they are not a good option for an at-home gym. Also, they are expensive and might interfere with your overhead exercises.

Now, that you know what these three pieces of equipment are, you can make an informed choice based on your requirement. And guess what! We at Squat Racks Canada have got all three pieces of equipment just for you.

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