Hey, fitness enthusiasts! In our previous blog, we answered a crucial question that whether you should eat before your strength training session. And we concluded that before you pick up that barbell, you should always make sure you have eaten something.

We also told you the best time to eat before your workout. If you want to eat a full meal, do so at least 3 hours before your workout. However, if you have a small snack, 30 minutes before your workout would be a good time.

But what we didn’t discuss was what kind of foods you should eat before your strength training session. And in this blog post, we will discuss exactly that! Your choice of food will depend on the time you have left to go for your workout session.

You already know that when you are doing strength training, carbohydrates are the most important macronutrients you need. And your pre-workout food should also have a substantial amount of carbohydrates. Here are a few meal plans that you can use for your pre-workout food preparations:

  • 2-3 hours before a workout

You can have a full meal when you have enough time before your workout, and it must be balanced with carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Here are a few things you can eat during this meal:

  1. Tuna on toast with a side salad
  2. Chicken, sweet potato, and broccoli
  3. Stir-friend vegetables, tofu, and brown rice

Now, if you do have a chance to eat a full meal then that's great. But if not, don’t eat too many calories as it can make you feel too full and bloated.

  • 1 hour before workout

Make sure to eat carbohydrates that are easy to digest along with some proteins 1 hour before using your strength equipment. Take a lighter meal. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Banana or apple slice on toast
  2. Oats with fruit

Both these meal options have complex carbs and fibres. This way you will have a constant supply of energy during your workout.

  • 30 minutes before workout

When you have only 30 minutes before your workout but feel hungry, you can go for a simple snack that is sugar-rich for an instant boost of energy. Some ideas for snacks are:

  1. Dried fruit mix
  2. Fruits like apple or banana
  3. Rice cakes
  4. Granola protein bars

These snacks are sugar-rich that will give you energy but are also easily digestible. And, you will not feel bloated or sluggish.

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