Are you someone who likes to dedicate a lot of time each week to your workouts? You are sweating it out, giving your body the much-needed physical movement along with building your muscles and getting stronger. 

Unfortunately, there are going to be times where you are not able to dedicate much time to working out. Maybe the day is just too short or maybe you are lacking the motivation to workout. But this doesn’t mean you ditch your workout. Just give 30 minutes of your day and you can get in a good workout session. You might already have Canadian workout equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, squat racks, or barbells. 

With just this strength training equipment, you can have an excellent workout session in just 30 minutes. We know someone like you who is a fitness enthusiast might need a bit more convincing than just statements. Don’t worry! In this blog post, we will tell you how you can get your workout done in 30 minutes and still get the health benefits:

  • Strength Training in 30 Minutes

If you perform strength training every week, you can get the same amount of burn in a carefully structured 30 minutes workout. You can include exercises such as lunges, squats, deadlifts, bench press, and clean and presses. 

With these exercises, you can work on all your major muscle groups such as the chest, back, and legs. This will help you build endurance and muscular strength, and you will only need very few pieces of strength equipment for training. 

  • Cardiovascular Fitness in 30 Minutes

Okay, so maybe you are someone who prefers doing cardiovascular fitness workouts. Don’t worry! You can get your heart racing in just 30 minutes of exercise. You can include exercises such as 3-step runs, burpees, squat jumps, and mountain climbers. 

With these exercises, you can increase your aerobic fitness and push your calorie burn into overdrive. 

So, for days when you don’t have too much time on your hands to work out, you can switch to 30 minutes sessions and get physical movement in your routine. Research conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine found that 150 minutes/week of exercise can provide you health-related benefits.

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saadd rehman

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