What is the Right Gym Equipment for Your Commercial Gym?

Whether opening a new fitness center or looking to breathe new life into your existing venue, choosing the right commercial gym equipment should be at the top of your agenda. 

A welcoming reception and locker room can leave a good impression. Ultimately, though, your members pay to use high-quality commercial gym equipment that will help them reach their fitness goals. Whether they are working with a personal trainer or not, Squat Rack Canada’s commercial gym outfitting services will unlock the full potential of your gym. 

But what equipment is necessary to transform your commercial setting for the better? Here’s everything you need to know about updating your facilities in style.


Why is the Right Choice of Commercial Gym Equipment so Vital?

Before investing in new equipment for your commercial gym, you must understand the benefits it will bring. After all, it is about far more than simply keeping up with the crowd. Research shows that the average cost for an entry-level gym in Canada is just $20 per month, while that figure can climb to $170 per month. Even if you have a modest client base of 100 members, having the best equipment can play a crucial role in helping you gain an extra $180,000 per annum.


The right commercial gym equipment will tick several boxes, including but not limited to;

  • Create a great first impression by showing that you have high-quality facilities, instantly creating a sense of value for money.
  • Ensure that you have durable products designed to cope with the heavy usage they will inevitably be put through.
  • Show that your gym is suited to powerlifting, sports training, weight loss, or any other fitness niche.
  • Ensure that you have suitable equipment for clients of all-natural fitness and experience levels.
  • Protecting clients from injuries will help the business avoid personal injury claims.


The best gym equipment can help you win more clients, charge more money, and keep them signed up for longer. Given that half of all new gym users quit within six months, any steps that can help you avoid this situation should be grabbed with both hands.

While issues like location do influence client opinions, the business will be judged on its equipment. Persisting with outdated or inferior equipment is simply not an option if you want your commercial gym to thrive, particularly in a competitive Canadian market.


Essential Equipment for Commercial Gyms

Appreciating the importance of selecting the right commercial gym equipment is one thing, but building a comprehensive strategy that covers all the bases will be key. Whether you want to build a bundle or invest in individual items, you should always consider the following points;

  • Is the product something that will benefit your clients or PT sessions?
  • Will the design integrate into the commercial gym space?
  • Does the machine simply do something that an existing machine already achieves?
  • Is it better than the item it is replacing?
  • Will the machine provide value to beginners and advanced users alike/


With that in mind, here are some of the most important features that you cannot afford to ignore when fitting out your commercial gym.


    Dumbbells and Kettlebells 

    Before worrying too much about the advanced machinery or larger apparatus, gym owners should focus on their basic free weights selection. A wide choice of dumbbells and kettlebells across multiple weights will be key for promoting quality health and fitness services for clie

    clints at every stage of their fitness journeys.

    Studies have shown that men see explosive strength increase by 19.8% using regular kettlebell training. Meanwhile, workouts can be used for various purposes, such as training for a specific sport, powerlifting, or weight loss. Both kettlebells and dumbbells provide clear routes to progression through increasing the weight, doing more reps, or slowing the speed of movement.


      Power Racks

      Squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and other barbell exercises will play a key role in the routines of many clients. From powerlifters and bodybuilders to beginners looking to develop their strength, these exercises can be completed as part of a PT session or an autonomous workout. Power racks are crucial for users who don’t have a spotter.

      Pin pipes and strap safeties give power racks a significant advantage over alternative items. This apparatus can also be adapted to other exercises, including an overhead press and a snatch. While the large equipment does require a lot of room, it is a professional item built to serve commercial gyms and can handle huge weights. Many have laid capacities thof over 1,500lbs. Your clients can use this equipment with confidence.


      Squat Racks

      There are many similarities between squat racks and power racks, not least because they can be used for many of the same exercises. However, the squat stands are a little more compact and perhaps a little easier to use, although a spotter is advised as the rack doesn’t have the same pin pipes.

      Squat racks can include J-cups. Aside from being smaller and more affordable, they are additionally used for a versatile range of CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting exercises. As such, a large percentage of your more advanced users will prefer this machine. Likewise, personal trainers may find that it gives them the best chance to play an active role by spotting their clients and providing helpful feedback regarding form.


      Cardio Equipment

      Strength training is central to any fitness strategy, including weight loss. After all, it enables you to build lean muscle while simultaneously burning calories and avoiding excessive strain on your joints. Nonetheless, many gym users will expect to see cardio equipment.

      Treadmills and static bikes are the two most popular items by far and are the main reasons why cardio covers two-thirds of the fitness industry by financial value. Whether used for burning calories, warm-ups and warm-downs, or strength building through inclines and resistance training doesn’t matter. Most gym users will rely on cardio equipment for at least a small percentage of their workouts.


        Compact Training Apparatus

        In addition to the bulky stands and equipment cages, you should consider compact training items. It ensures that your space is utilized to its full potential while also ensuring that you can handle the increased traffic of peak times. Flat-weight benches are a very popular choice, but many other items are worth considering.

        As shown by the world records, pull-ups are a challenging exercise even for the strongest athletes. Wall-mounted bars are a great option for encouraging visitors to complete chin-ups, pull-ups, and a range of exercises that are based on using their own weight and gravity. Men, women, beginners, and pros can use this simple facility. They’re affordable and reliable and can support weight loss, muscle growth, and fitness improvements.


          Weight Machines & Folding Rigs

          Assisted weight machines that use pulleys and other tools are still useful. In truth, they will not match the benefits of free weights or training with weighted plates. Meanwhile, folding rigs can be a great option for creating a versatile gym space that can be used for weights, floor exercises, and other activities.

          Wall-mounted rigs are better than freestanding ones and can be used for various exercises, including barbell routines and ideas like pull-ups. Better still, this will mean that you can keep your assisted weight machines to a minimum. A leg press, flye machine, and lateral pull-down are some of the better options. Still, when your PTs want to help promote good form, free weights and body weight exercises are king.



          Boasting the best equipment, including weights, racks, and assisted machinery, will serve you well for some clients. That will be more than enough as they purchase their personal gym accessories. Some, especially new lifters, will not have bought those items as they need to test the waters of their new exercises.

          Therefore, investing in a few accessories that can be used as communal items is highly advised. Belts and straps are particularly important, although you may also want to grab some resistance bands and lifting gloves and gloves for combat sports. Finally, you should consider maintenance kits and end caps. This can help prolong the life of your equipment while also removing the threat of users catching themselves on sharp edges.


          The Final Word on Finding Commercial Gym Equipment

          Knowing what type of commercial gym equipment you want and finding the best products in Canada in terms of function, aesthetics, and value will put you in a strong position. However, you must also take the time to think about their spatial requirements and how they will fit into your space. Taking the time to analyze your floor plan will help you make the best decisions for your clients, which will ultimately boost your bottom line.

          For further help on how to transform your gym with new commercial-grade equipment in Canada, get in touch with the SRC team today.

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