What Are the Benefits of Working Out at a Commercial Gym?

Working out at a commercial gym can seem scary, causing many people to avoid going. However, these gyms can also provide various physical, social and mental health benefits. 

As such, perhaps it’s time to consider signing up for a gym membership and heading down to your local commercial facility. Working out at home can still be good for you, but here are some of the additional benefits you see when going to your local gym:


Lots of Gym Equipment

A clear benefit of commercial gyms is that they have lots of equipment you are unlikely to have at home. Most home gyms will be lucky to have a squat rack, some dumbbells, a barbell with some plates and possibly a machine. 

In a fully-equipped gym, you have all of these things and more. You have access to machines and equipment you’ve probably never used, unlocking so many physical benefits. For example, you struggle to do cardio at home because you hate running and don’t have a bike. In a gym, you can ride one of the stationary bikes, burning loads of calories and helping you reach your weight loss goals. 

Similarly, for muscle growth benefits, gym equipment lets you isolate specific muscles more effectively. Sure, the squat is the best leg exercise of all time. But, in a commercial gym, you can isolate your quads using a leg extension machine. It allows for more growth of specific muscles, letting you see improved results over time. 

Overall, having access to more equipment means seeing better physical changes in your body. In turn, this can be mentally beneficial as you feel more confident in how you look.


You Can Socialize with Others

One of the main downsides of working out at home is being alone. Nobody is there to work with you, which means you rarely leave the house. A commercial gym membership will encourage you to go out and be around other people. As a result, you can socialize more often, which helps you build more social confidence. 

A gym is the best place to go if you struggle to make friends. Why? Because you’re surrounded by people that share a common interest: fitness! It’s easy to talk to others and form friendships with people who go simultaneously with you. You may find someone who becomes your gym buddy and does other things together in your spare time. 

Commercial gyms force you out of your comfort zone and make you more sociable. Being more social might seem scary, but it’s necessary if you want a more fulfilling life. You will undoubtedly feel more mentally gratified if you go to the gym daily rather than working out at home.


A Source of Mental Motivation

There have been countless studies linking working out with your mental health. One particular study in 2018 found that regular exercise decreased common mental health symptoms for issues like anxiety and depression. Thus, a commercial gym will be great for your mental well-being. 

Of course, you can argue that working out at home will provide the same benefits, which is true, but there’s an aspect of commercial gyms that offer an extra mental boost. You see, paying for a gym membership gives you an added source of mental motivation. It gives you the urge to go and exercise because you are spending money on something. If you don’t go, you’re throwing money down the drain. 

Going to the gym can be a life changer for people that struggle to feel motivated when working out. It encourages you to stick to a plan and continue exercising until you see results. In turn, you’ll feel better about yourself, improving your mental health.


Access to Personal Trainers

One final thing to note about commercial gyms is that they give you access to qualified personal trainers. You can book sessions to be trained by someone who will look at your needs and tailor a plan to suit your goals. 

Consequently, you see better physical benefits than staying at home and working out in your garage. You also benefit from personal trainers and gym instructors just being in the gym while you exercise. Even if you don’t book a session, trainers can help you learn how to do specific exercises and use the equipment. Therefore, you can work out with a lower risk of injuries as people are everywhere, and they can help you at a moment’s notice.


Overall, commercial gyms present many benefits that home gyms can’t. By all means, working out at home is still beneficial and has its plus points. However, if you’re considering transitioning to a commercial setting, you now know how advantageous it can be.