Should I Import Gym Equipment from China?

Gym equipment, whether for your home or business, needs to be something you can trust. No one wants to use gym equipment that doesn't last very long, leaves weird marks, or even has a higher chance of injuring someone. It needs to be sturdy, safe, and perhaps even look good.

When you're buying gym equipment, there are many things to consider, including the equipment's quality and your budget. Balancing budget and quality can be challenging, and you might be drawn in by cheap equipment imported from China. China is the world's largest exporter of goods, including gym and fitness equipment. But is it a good idea to import the equipment you need from China, or are you better off looking closer to home?


The Importance of Quality Gym Equipment

There are multiple reasons it's essential to buy quality gym equipment. Investing in quality will pay off, and there's a good chance you're not going to get the quality you want if you buy from China.

Here are some of the reasons quality gym equipment is so important.

  • Safety – Gym equipment needs to be safe to protect anyone using it. Poor-quality gym equipment may not be strong or sturdy enough to withstand regular use. Even cheap gym equipment with various product testing certificates could still be more likely to develop a problem or lead to an injury.
  • Durability – Gym equipment needs to be solid and durable because you want it to last a long time. Durable gym equipment should be able to take a lot of use and stress before it's ready to give up the ghost. It's worth paying more for equipment that's going to last.
  • Image – Looks matter too, and buying quality gym equipment makes a difference to what it looks like. Cheap gym equipment imported from abroad just might not give your gym the image that you want it to have.
  • Save money – Quality gym equipment may cost more initially, but that first investment pays off later. You can save money over time by reducing your maintenance costs and benefiting from a lower price over the lifetime of the equipment because it lasts longer.


Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

One of the biggest reasons to avoid importing gym equipment from China is that the quality could mean you need to replace your equipment much more quickly. The cheap prices might draw you in, but you can have to buy again much sooner than you wanted if the quality is poor. In fact, if you immediately dislike the equipment you receive, you'll need to buy something else to replace it immediately. Even if you spend more on your gym equipment, it could save you money when it lasts much longer.

Additionally, the prices you see listed online for imports from China might look good, but you could end up paying more when you consider other costs. Shipping and import fees can add up, giving you additional charges to take care of. If you get your gym equipment delivered locally or even pick it up yourself, it can be much more affordable than having it shipped from outside the country.


Why a Local Supplier is a Superior Choice

In 2020, more than 487 million US dollars in exercise equipment was imported into Canada. But why buy from overseas when you can purchase Canadian-made equipment? Choosing a local supplier is the superior choice when sourcing your gym equipment. Whether it's for your personal use only or looking to fit out your commercial gym, buying locally can get you the quality gym equipment you need.


    Buying your gym equipment from a local supplier is a great way to support the local economy too. If you want to support other businesses in your industry and buy from Canadian companies, local suppliers like Squat Racks Canada are available. You can also form great relationships with local suppliers in a way that you can't do as well with suppliers in China or elsewhere.

    You know where your equipment is coming from when you buy it from a local supplier. There's more transparency if you choose a supplier selling Canadian-made gym equipment instead of importing equipment from China (which might or might not be made there).

    Squat Racks Canada can help you set up your home gym or supply your commercial gym with the necessary equipment. Please browse our products to see our quality equipment, made in Canada.