Gift Ideas for your Home Gym Fitness Enthusiast

Have you got a friend or family member obsessed with their home gym? Perhaps they enjoy working out from home and need extra equipment, or maybe they’ve been trying to build a fully-stacked home gym for years. Either way, this gives you many opportunities when buying gifts. There are many products and gift ideas for home gym fitness fanatics. 

With that in mind, we’ve conjured up a list of the top ideas you should consider in 2022: 


Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are always an excellent choice for home gym enthusiasts. They’re a budget buy, so you can get them for anyone. Plus, they’re perfect for someone that doesn’t have the space for a big home gym with loads of equipment. These SRC Barbell International Resistance Bands are a great choice as you can pick from various tensions. The heavier the band, the more resistance it provides. The recipient will be highly pleased with how many exercises they can perform using just the bands. 

Oh, and they can be used with weights, too, making them all the more suitable for home gym enthusiasts!



Kettlebells offer so much diversity for anyone training at home. Whether you have a fully-equipped home gym or just a tiny space in the garage, a kettlebell set will provide many training opportunities. 

They’re excellent for conditioning exercises - like kettlebell swings - but you can also use them to develop strength. We stock SRC Barbell International Kettlebells in various sizes for you to choose from. Pick one up as a gift for a friend, or go the extra mile and get them a handful to complete a set.


Gym Mat

If someone has a home gym, they need to ensure they’re protecting their flooring. Even if they work out in a garage, all the weights hitting the floor - and the weight of the equipment - can seriously damage the surface. So, getting your friend a professional gym mat allows them to protect their precious flooring while they exercise. 

Products like the Honeycomb Heavy Duty Gym Mat are perfect as gifts. They can be placed in any home gym under the equipment to ensure nothing gets damaged. Your friend will be appreciative of this gift as it’s incredibly thoughtful. Plus, it protects their equipment as well as the floor!


Pull-Up Bar

Pull-ups are one of the most significant bodyweight exercises someone can do, and they’re essential exercises in any home gym lover’s repertoire. Unfortunately, not everyone can do pull-ups at home. So, you can be the best friend ever by getting your pals a pull-up bar for their home gym. 

The fun thing about this gift idea is that you can suit it to different budgets. Some products, like our Pull-Up Bar Attachment With Hardware, don’t cost a fortune and can be mounted to an existing squat rack. Or, you could get something like this SRC Force Squat Stand if you’re feeling extra generous, providing your friend with a squat rack and a pull-up bar in one.


Plate Storage

If you’ve been to someone’s home gym and know they have loads of plates lying around the place, there’s no better gift than a plate storage device. You’ve got plenty to choose from, but this SRC Wall-Mounted Plate Storage would be perfect. You can mount it on the wall, and your home gym fitness enthusiast can easily slide the plates on. 

As a result, they clean up their home gym area, maximizing space and improving the environment. It could also prevent them or anyone else from tripping over plates on the floor and injuring themselves!


Med Ball

Lastly, get a med ball for your home gym fitness freak. Sometimes referred to as wall balls, med balls are filled with sand to give them extra weight. They’re instrumental in various fitness scenarios, such as core and abdominal work. It’s an elegant gift to give someone that might struggle with equipment at home, searching for some extra resistance to add to their workouts. 

We sell the SRC Barbell International Med Ball in five different sizes, ranging from 10lb to 20lb. Or, you could pick up the whole set if you feel extra generous. 

There you have it; some excellent gift ideas for home gym fitness enthusiasts. If you’re shopping for a friend or family member, you now have plenty of inspiring ideas to help you pick the right gift. Or, if you have a birthday coming up, why don’t you direct your friends/family to this list to give them some inspiration?

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