Common Questions About Strength Training

Did you purchase various weights to begin your strength training adventure? If so, we welcome you on the rigorous yet satisfying fitness journey! You will experience many changes in your body that will make you physically and mentally fit.

Strength training has numerous benefits. Not only does it help you with maintaining your weight, but it also enhances your overall health. As a beginner, you might have specific questions. Don't worry; our excellent team of fitness enthusiasts is here to answer them all.


    Should I do strength training every day?

    No! Yes, we know you may have heard that you should work out every day. Strength training aims to build your muscles, but your muscles will develop when you are resting and not exercising; therefore, we suggest you take a rest day between your workout days or avoid training the same muscle groups within two days.


    When should I do my strength training, in the morning or night?

    The time you choose to do your training depends on when you feel comfortable and most energized. Some people like to work out in the morning, and some prefer working out at night. Besides energy levels, your daily work or home routine will also determine the best exercise time. Don't make any excuses. Find some weights and get started!


      What is the minimum number of sets for the strength exercises?

      Regarding the number of sets you need to complete for strength training, there is no minimum or maximum amount. It ultimately depends on where you stand with your journey. If you are a beginner, don't focus too much on the number of sets; instead, focus on getting the form right. If you are a seasoned strength trainer, challenge yourself by picking up heavier weights or increasing the number of sets.


        What is the minimum number of reps for strength training exercises?

        Again, there is no minimum or maximum number of reps for strength training. The number of reps depends on where you are in your strength training journey. If you work out to maintain your strength, you could do more reps and lower weight. If bulking up, you would probably do fewer reps and higher weight.


        Is it okay to feel sore after strength training exercises?

        The answer is yes, and no, as it depends on the pain, you are experiencing. If you perform a strength training exercise correctly and feel sore, it is good! But if you didn't take care of your form and are experiencing extended pain in your body, that might be worrisome. Always ensure you have the correct form when training to avoid injury.


          So, these responses are what our team of fitness enthusiasts at Squat Racks Canada had to say for the most common questions around strength training.

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