A Simple Guide to Squat Racks

If you have been doing strength training for a while, you might have heard that squats are one of the essential strength training exercises. This exercise will have you lifting your heaviest weights to build strength and muscle mass.

You might also know that you’ll need a squat rack made of high-quality material. So, did you buy a squat rack? Great, you can get on with doing your squats and building your muscle mass.


Oh, but you don’t know how to use a squat rack?

Well, don’t worry! This blog post will tell you how to use squat racks for efficient squats. So, let’s get started with the steps.


    Adjust Bar and Safety Bars Height

    So, strip your squat racks with all the weight and set it up according to your workout plan. The first thing you need to do is set and adjust the height of your barbell and safety bars. This is important to ensure that you have the right height for lifting the weight and squatting efficiently.


    Get into the Position

    Once you have set up the squat racks, the next step is getting into the position. If your bar is set at the right height, you will have your hands parallel to the floor. You can move forward by gripping the bar shoulder-width apart if this is your position.

    Make a tight grip and duck under the bar. Keep your head in the central position. This ensures that you don’t misbalance your bar and get injured. The bar must be on your upper back and shoulders, never on the neck.


    Lift the Bar

    Now, you need to be ready to lift the bar off the squat rack. Engage your core muscles, and squeeze your shoulder plates tightly at the back towards your bum. This will give you a solid position to lift the weight without getting injured.

    In this position, just lift the weight from the squat racks.


    Stabilize Your Position

    Once you have lifted your barbell, now is the time to establish a strong position. You can do this by sliding one foot in a straight line followed by the other. This will ensure that you don’t collide the bar with the squat rack set up.

    Now, you have a strong position. You can start doing your squats consecutively in the required sets.


      With these steps, you can efficiently use squat racks.

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