5 Tips You'll Be Happy to Know When  Starting Your Home Gym

Tips to make your home gym amazing


So you want to build a home gym? Great choice! But where to begin? Let's get you headed in the right direction from the start and avoid our mistakes!

There is a lot of information all over the internet about working out from home. From Instagram to Google, people tell you their fitness solution will get you the result you want right now.

If it was only that easy.

Fitness is about consistency, patience and dedication. Our tips aren't the only five out there, but they will start you on a good foundation for the long term.


Let's get to it.

  1. Maximize your personal gym space.
  2. Get a coach or trainer to set you on the right path from the start.
  3. Plan your equipment investments based on your goals.
  4. Buy once.
  5. Make the space your own



    1. Maximize Your Personal Gym Space.

    The first step anyone trying to create a home gym should take is to evaluate their space.


    Questions you should ask yourself:

    • How long am I using this space? Am I planning on moving?
    • What are the dimensions of my space?
    • What is the overhead clearance of my space?
    • Do I have adequate heating and cooling for all seasons?
    • What kind of workouts am I planning on using this space for?
    • Is my floor level?


    Building your home gym should begin by planning an initial layout for your workouts. Typically home gyms are much smaller spaces than commercial gyms, so you will have to get inventive! Create a rough floorplan that allows you the room to exercise!


    By maximizing your room's free space, you will have far more versatility in your workout programming. You will want to make sure that the middle of the room is free to do the majority of your work. You'll want as much space as possible to move around and switch movements during your workouts.


    Check the level of your floor and plan accordingly.

    Nobody wants to squat or deadlift on uneven flooring!



    2. Get a Coach or Trainer to Set You on the Right Path from the Start.

    Setting goals and achieving them are two different things. The best way to achieve any fitness goal, from Olympic athletes to weekend warriors, is by getting effective coaching. A coach can get you moving in the right direction right from the start.


    Things a coach can do for you:
    • Program movements that will help you achieve your goals
    • Give you an idea of what type of equipment you will need
    • Educate you on how to perform the exercises and avoid injury
    • Help with accountability and keep you consistent
    • Set nutritional, sleep, and exercise expectations of getting your desired result


    People in all walks of life use fitness professionals to help them on their journey.


    Even if you are a fitness expert already, moving from a commercial gym to a home gym is an adjustment someone experienced can help with. Often movements have many variations that you can complete depending on your personal equipment.

    Your health is worth it.



    3. Plan your Equipment Based on Your Goals.

    Now that you know what your space looks like and what exercises you plan on doing to achieve your goals, it is time to start shopping!


    Ok, maybe not a shopping spree, but you will need some basics:
    • Create a list of equipment you would like
    • Rank your list in order of importance, cost and availability
    • Remember that you don't need to buy it all at once
    • Try to acquire versatile equipment you can use for multiple movements
    • Plan for the long term while making the space as functional as you can at present
    • Shop for deals! Wait for Black Friday, find second-hand equipment, and be patient

    Your kit will dictate your choice of exercises and a lot of the enjoyment you get out of your workouts. Choose well!


    Most home gym owners never stop improving their gym; it becomes a hobby as much as exercising!



         4. Buy Once.

        The most common mistake home gym owners make time and time again is buying equipment that they end up replacing. It happens all the time and is likely to happen to you too!


        Some reasons for buying quality equipment from the start:

        • Good equipment lasts longer and is more versatile
        • Youll enjoy your workouts more with a good kit
        • Well-engineered equipment just works better
        • You'll save money and time buying equipment once
        • Be inventive with equipment. There are a lot of DIY options you use and get great results.
        • It doesn't just apply to equipment; it also applies to the rest of the space, such as flooring


        Try to buy versatile, high-quality, well-reviewed, proven gear for your home gym that fits your budget.

        When you buy inferior or low-quality equipment, it costs more in the long term and decreases the enjoyment you get out of your personal workout space.



        5. Make the Space Your Own.

        If you are going to spend your free time exercising at home, you should enjoy it! Make the space as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


        Some tips to make the space your own:

        • Get a good sound system! Wifi-controlled speakers controlled from your phone are amazing!
        • Invest in decent lighting so you can see what you are doing!
        • Mirrors can help with your form and make the space look bigger
        • Decorate your room as you see fit
        • Be creative with your space


        The best workouts are fast, efficient, and in a familiar space. They might not always be comfortable, but at least you will enjoy them!



        Final Thoughts

        Owning a home gym is a fantastic way to achieve your fitness goals at home efficiently. Many Canadians across the country realize the joy of working out from home and have built their space.

        If you have the passion and desire to get started, we hope these tips help you on your journey.


        "Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

        -Sean Patrick Flanery


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